The new eeziFone is a simple but robust handset featuring buttons pre-assigned to dial only selected numbers as opposed to allowing the user free dialling though a ten-pin keypad. This versatile product provides eeziFone South Africa with a competitive advantage and diverse distribution platform which opens the door to other markets such as retail and wholesale.

The eeziFone business is premised on a complete customer solution offering which includes a comprehensive web-based back office management service allowing customers to dynamically configure the dialled numbers, manage prepaid balances and retrieve usage reports for all handsets. Customers are also able to obtain the position of the handset through GSM tower triangulation. All of these functions are complete using simple SMS and packet data connections

This combination of capabilities has applications in many markets and will appeal to, or those in:

Fleet Management
Courier Companies
Roadside Assistance Services
School kids (aged 5-9)
Sportsmen and women
Promotional gifts


Africa Weather

AfricaWeather is a weather risk management business providing services to 30 of the top 40 JSE listed companies. AfricaWeather monitors the skies, tracks storms, grounded lightning strikes and unusual weather and immediately informs its clients on how their operations or safety procedures may be affected.

The company also generates forecasts ie predicting or estimating future weather events and trends usually 2-7 days in advance.

With more than 1.5 million consumer clients through the web and mobile applications, AfricaWeather generates and send over 1 million messages daily and operates one of the highest throughput messaging platforms in the country.





One True Measure

Starting off with independent metering for solar installation companies, OTM has expanded into offering metering to small to medium scale municipalities. We have our own backend (Meter Data Management) system, a Siemens utility-grade data acquisition platform (head end system), and we use Siemens utility-grade IM100 and IM300 meters. Together, these platforms enable rich customer & utility management dashboards, pre-paid and and multiple tariff plans, and remote disconnections through to load management.

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